Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas

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If you are anything like me then you will agree that food shouldn’t take longer to prepare (or clean up) than it takes to eat. Here are our top 5 quick and easy dinner recipes:

  1. Air fryer steak and french fries. Cook the french fries first, and then add them back into the the air fryer for an extra few minutes at the end to crisp up while the steak is resting. We would also recommend adding microwave steamed broccoli, a green salad or some microwave corn on the cob to this meal.
  2. Air fryer roast beef and roast potatoes. Combine two of our favorite air fryer recipes – follow our recipe to cook the roast beef, and add the potatoes when there is around 25 minutes of cooking time left. I usually also steam some fresh vegetables (try microwave steamed broccoli) to go along with this meal.
  3. Slow cooker chicken nacho soup. Super easy to make, super easy to clean up (this is a one pot recipe), and super delicious. Also it is packed full of protein and vegetables! Prepare in the morning, and a delicious dinner is ready and waiting when you get home from work.
  4. Slow cooker spaghetti bolognese. Simple to prep before you head off to work, when you get home all you need to do is boil some spaghetti to serve it over. Delizioso!
  5. Air fryer pork chops and air fryer potato wedges. Cook the wedges first for 25 minutes, then cook the pork chop, and finally add the wedges back into the air fryer with the pork chop for the final 5 minutes. Try adding a salad, some microwave steamed broccoli or some microwave corn on the cob to get some fresh vegetables into this meal.
  6. Slow cooker beef stew. Another meal that you can prep in the morning and it will be just about ready when you get home from work. Just make some rice or mashed potatoes to serve it with.