(it isn't)

(it isn't)

Looks fancy and complicated

Air Fryer Rack of Lamb.

Air Fryer Rack of Lamb. 

This recipe for air fryer rack of lamb looks impressive but is surprisingly simple to make. Plus, it’s ready in a fraction of the time it would take to cook it in a conventional oven.

Why you'll love this recipe...

✔ 6 ingredients ✔ Simple prep ✔ Quick cook time

Frenched lamb rack, rosemary & thyme, salt & pepper, and a little oil. 

6 Ingredients

Pat the lamb rack dry, drizzle with oil, and add seasonings. 

Simple prep

Air fry lamb rack

15-20 minutes, until 145°F / 63°C in the center.

Serve with mint sauce and roasted veggies for a tasty roast dinner the whole family will love!