About us

We love food. But we don’t love cooking (or doing the washing up!). If like us you are time-poor, but still want to create delicious meals at home, then this site is for you!

We have put together a collection of our favorite easy recipes so you can eat well without spending hours in the kitchen every night. Our recipes aim to reduce preparation time, and cleaning up time. We like kitchen gadgets, and make as much of use of them as we can if they will save us time.

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Our Contributors


As a busy working mom, I have honed my skills in streamlining recipes. Removing unnecessary ingredients or complex preparation steps, for efficient time-saving recipes that still have all the flavor your family will love.

Some people love the process of cooking, and in an ideal world I guess I would too. But life is busy, and most of us don’t have time to spend an hour or more cooking in the kitchen every night so that you and your family can eat well. I sure don’t.

Over the years I have developed a bunch of go-to easy recipes with all the taste, but none of the simmering, sautéing or other cooking techniques that need your undivided attention.


I am into gadgets, and I really love kitchen gadgets. In particular anything that will save me time while I am cooking.

I love my air fryer and my slow cooker – anything that you can just pop the food in and then get on with your day – so many of my recipes are focused around these two appliances. I love adapting traditional recipes to make use of the latest and greatest kitchen technology.

Also did I tell you? I love food (just not cooking).