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Looking for new ways to enjoy potatoes? Check out our collection of air fryer potato recipes, including fries, wedges, and more. These recipes are easy to make, require minimal ingredients, and produce crispy and flavorful potatoes every time.

Air fryers are a great way to get crispy potatoes without all the oil. Cooking with hot air is great for getting that delicious potato crunch that everyone loves!

However, there are two other tricks to getting air-fried potatoes as crispy as possible.

  1. After cutting potatoes, soak them for at least 5 minutes (ideally 20) to remove any potato starch residue on the surface (which can prevent the potatoes from really crisping up), and
  2. After soaking, pat them dry with paper towels. You want to get them as dry as possible before you add any oil or place them in the air fryer, so they will start crisping up as soon as they start cooking.

Family favorite air fryer potato recipes

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