Air fryer cooking times for frozen foods

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Cooking times chart for cooking frozen foods in an air fryer. A handy reference guide:

Frozen French fries10-26 oz / 300-750g12-16 minutes390°F / 200°C
Frozen onion rings5-15 oz / 140-500g8-10 minutes390°F / 200°C
Thick cut frozen fries10-26 oz / 300-750g12-20 minutes390°F / 200°C
Thin cut frozen fries10-26 oz / 300-750g12-16 minutes390°F / 200°C
Frozen fish fingers4-15 oz / 100-500g6-10 minutes390°F / 200°C
Frozen chicken nugget10-15 oz / 300-500g10-12 minutes390°F / 200°C
Frozen chicken wing10-15 oz / 300-500g15-20 minute390°F / 200°C
Frozen curly fries 10-26 oz / 300-750g10-12 minutes390°F / 200°C

Preheat air fryer for a couple of minutes prior to cooking, and always check that food is cooked properly before consuming – cut it open if you are unsure, or use a meat thermometer.

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