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Quick guide to air fryer cooking times
Philips airfryer cooking times guide.

Knowing how long to air fry food can be tricky, especially when you are new to air frying. Cook times are often less, and overcooking can leave food dried out due to cooking with hot air. Check out our handy guide to air fryer cooking times for some common foods below.

Philips airfryer cooking times guide
Philips airfryer cooking times guide.

Cooking times for food in air fryer ovens are often much shorter than in conventional ovens. This is because of the way air fryers blow hot air over the food, which speeds up cooking times.

This post contains a quick guide of cooking times for some popular foods. Please use it as a general guide, and remember to always check that food is cooked properly before consuming – cut it open if you are unsure, or use a meat thermometer.

Air fryer cooking times

Sausage rolls4-20 oz / 100-500g13-15 minutes390°F / 200°C
Pork chops4-20 oz / 100-500g10-14 minutes360°F / 180°C
Spring rolls4-15 oz / 100-500g8-10 minutes390°F / 200°C
Potato cubes10-26 oz / 300-750g12-18 minutes360°F / 180°C
Steak4-20 oz / 100-500g8-12 minutes360°F / 180°C
Chicken breast4-20 oz / 100-500g10-15 minutes360°F / 180°C
Chicken drumsticks4-20 oz / 100-500g18-22 minutes360°F / 180°C
Hamburgers4-20 oz / 100-500g7-14 minutes360°F / 180°C
Home made potato wedges10-26 oz / 300-750g18-22 minutes360°F / 180°C
Home made potato fries10-26 oz / 300-750g18-25 minutes360°F / 180°C

Air fryer cooking times for frozen foods

Thick cut frozen French fries10-26 oz / 300-750g13-20 minutes390°F / 200°C
Thin cut frozen French fries10-26 oz / 300-750g12-16 minutes390°F / 200°C
Frozen onion rings5-15 oz / 140-500g8-10 minutes390°F / 200°C
Frozen fish sticks4-15 oz / 100-500g6-10 minutes390°F / 200°C
Frozen chicken nugget10-15 oz / 300-500g10-12 minutes390°F / 200°C
Frozen chicken wing10-15 oz / 300-500g15-20 minute390°F / 200°C
Frozen curly fries 10-26 oz / 300-750g10-12 minutes390°F / 200°C
Pizza rolls (Totino’s)12 rolls / 6oz / 170g5-6 minutes 380°F / 190°C