Air Fryer Vegetable Recipes

  • author  Eliza
  • Updated June 16th, 2019

An air fryer is a great way to cook vegetables. Here are some of my favorite air fryer vegetables recipes

Roasted pumpkin in air fryer basket

Air Fryer Pumpkin

This is the easiest recipe you will find to roast pumpkin. Air fryer pumpkin is so quick and simple, and makes a lovely autumn vegetable side dish! Air fryer pumpkin ...
Air Fryer Roast Potatoes

Air Fryer Roast Potatoes

These are the easiest roast potatoes you will ever make! An air fryer is a great way to cook healthy roast potatoes, you only need a tiny bit of oil ...
Air Fryer Wedges

Air Fryer Potato Wedges

Perfect crunchy potato wedges take no time in an air fryer. This is a super quick and easy recipe to cook air fryer potato wedges. Air fryer potato wedges. Air ...
Air Fryer Roast Tomatoes

Air Fryer Roast Tomatoes

A simple recipe to roast tomatoes in an air fryer. These juicy and sweet air fryer tomatoes make the perfect side dish when you are in a hurry. Air Fryer ...
Air Fryer Broccoli

Air Fryer Grilled Broccoli

A simple recipe to grill broccoli in your air fryer. Air fryer broccoli. Air Fryer Grilled Broccoli How to grill broccoli in an air fryer. 1 head broccoli olive oil ...
Air fryer baked potato

Air Fryer Baked Potato

Ever wondered if you can air fry baked potatoes? You can! Check out our recipe for how to cook a baked potato in an air fryer.  Air fryer baked potato ...
Air Fryer Roast Vegetables

Air Fryer Roast Vegetables

Air fryer roast vegetables couldn't be any easier. This quick and simple recipe for roasting vegetables in an air fryer has minimal prep and takes just minutes to cook. Air ...
Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries

Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries

This air fryer sweet potato fries recipe is easy to make, perfectly seasoned, and guaranteed to please. A simple and delicious side dish for when you're short on time. Air ...