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Air frying frozen foods is a great option because they always come out perfectly crispy, it is quicker than cooking in an oven and healthier than deep frying.


If you have other frozen foods you would like to cook in an air fryer, try using my oven to air fryer conversion calculator to work out the cooking time and temperature needed (°F and °C options).

Browse how to cook frozen foods in an air fryer:

Air fryer frozen chicken cordon bleu is perfect for dinner on nights when you just need something delicious and filling, but don’t have time to cook from scratch. Air frying gives you perfectly crisp chicken cordon bleu with a tender succulent filling every time! How to cook frozen cordon bleu in an air fryer Frozen …

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Air fryer frozen eggs rolls or frozen spring rolls are the perfect snack or appetizer. Quick to prepare, deliciously crispy, and a healthier alternative to the deep fried version! How to cook frozen egg rolls in an air fryer  Quick and easy and very simple to cook, frozen egg (or spring) rolls cooked in an air fryer are one of my favorite …

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